Cannabis Business Consulting Services From ApptitudePlus

When you partner with ApptitudePlus, you benefit from full service cannabis business consulting that covers your business plans from A to Z and beyond.

Application Writing

There’s no room for error when assembling a cannabis business application. That’s why the A+ team is laser-focused on producing picture-perfect written materials created to score every point possible. That involves:

  • A complete understanding of the nuances of each state’s cannabis program
  • Thorough and original responses to each portion of the application
  • An understanding of the competitive and political landscapes in the state in which you’re applying, and 
  • Leveraging hands-on experience to know what to emphasize in your application

Application writing needs to be unique to each operation. That’s why the A+ team nixes the cookie-cutter approach taken by some cannabis business consulting firms. We take great pride in investing ourselves in wholly original, tailored applications that speak to your precise circumstances and needs. The resulting best-in-class written materials are why we have a 98%+ success rate — a track record higher than any other cannabis business consultant in highly-competitive, limited license markets.

What does the application writing process include?

Application writing involves way more than answering some questions. While the precise requirements vary by state, you can expect these elements to be a core part of the process.

  • A business plan
  • Real estate plans
  • Construction plans
  • A security plan
  • A financial and banking plan
  • Vendor management plans
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Operational strategy
  • Compliance strategy
  • Community relations strategy

Regulatory Compliance

A well-written application is just the beginning. Regulatory compliance is necessary for keeping your cannabis venture in good standing with state and local authorities. From compliant standard operating procedures (SOPs) to following marketing regulations, it’s your responsibility as a license holder to follow the law to a T and stay up to date on any regulatory changes. 

The experts at ApptitudePlus make that process much easier for license holders. As a key part of our cannabis business consulting services, regulatory compliance is at the heart and center of every action we take, from advising on your business plan to writing your application to seeing you through to opening day and beyond. 

Our A+ regulatory compliance experts can advise you in the following areas in most states with a medical or adult-use cannabis program:

  • Standard operating procedure (SOP) development
  • Data collection and reporting requirements
  • Real estate and construction requirements
  • Security and safety regulatory compliance
  • Marketing and advertising regulations
  • Local regulations in addition to state regulations
  • Regulatory changes that affect your operations

Community Relations

How will your cannabis business make a genuine impact on its neighbors? Developing a community relations plan takes careful thought and true understanding of your neighbors’ wants and needs. 

As licensed operators ourselves, we at ApptitudePlus know first-hand what regulators look for in a meaningful community relations plan. We work with your team to build relationships with key stakeholders and create actionable steps to turn your commitment into a reality.

Operational consulting

It’s one thing to have your license. It’s a whole other to run a cannabis business. That’s why we at ApptitudePlus go the extra mile with every client, providing clients with the tools and advice they need to run efficient, compliant businesses. Every client can take advantage of our collective decades of knowledge in retail operations and the cannabis industry and put that real-world experience to work for their business.

We’re also proud to partner with best-in-class professionals who can help take your licensed cannabis business to the next level. Our team can introduce you to a range of experts, including in:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Payment processing
  • Staffing and talent acquisition
  • Branding 
  • Marketing
  • Public relations

Who is ApptitudePlus?

ApptitudePlus is a tight-knit team of operational, compliance, and retail consultants who pool their experience to ensure your business thrives. From the first sentence of your application to months after you open your doors, ApptitudePlus is your quarterback coaching you, guiding you, and cheering you on along the way.

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